Texas Women’s Health Insurance Gap Bucks National Trend

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Updated on April 30th, 2024

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Key Findings

25% of women in Texas are uninsured, compared to 18% of males

23% of Texas women find their health insurance quality poor compared to 18% of men

One in four (25%) Texas Millennials are uninsured

30% of Texas Hispanics are uninsured, compared to 22% of Blacks and 15% of whites (15%)

Women in Texas face a health insurance gap that women across the nation aren’t experiencing.

One in four (25%) women in Texas are uninsured compared to just 18% of men. 

Nationally, men are more likely to be uninsured than women.1

HealthCareInsider.com surveyed over 1,000 Texan adults aged 18 and over to assess their health finances. 

The poll shows Texas women beset by pocketbook challenges on several fronts. 

Facing lower health insurance rates, Texas women (64%) are more likely than men (58%) to be very or somewhat concerned that a major health situation could lead to bankruptcy or debt.

For example, they have less saved up for a rainy day. 62% of females in Texas compared to 53% of males report $3,000 or less in savings to pay for medical bills.

Texas women are also more dissatisfied with their health insurance options than men. 

They find health insurance options more limited, less accessible and poorer in quality.

Only 34% of females find their range of health insurance options in Texas somewhat or very broad, compared to 40% of males.

Just 42% of females find it somewhat or very easy to access health insurance in Texas, against 51% of males.

23% of women find the health insurance quality in their state poor, compared to 18% of men.

Gender Breakdown

Texas Millennials Lack Savings for Medical Bills

Over one in four (25%) Texas Millennials (aged 18-34) are uninsured, and two-thirds (67%) are very or somewhat concerned that a major health situation in their household could lead to bankruptcy or debt.

Millennials in Texas face financial headwinds, with more than 4 in 10 (43%) having experienced a surprise medical bill within the past year.

That’s well more than the 28% of Generation X (41-56) and 27% of Baby Boomers (57- 75) who’ve been socked with a surprise medical bill within the past year.

52% of Millennials reporting surprise medical bills said they totaled $2,000 or over.

That compares to only 38% of Generation X and 29% of Boomers.

For 11% of Millennials with surprise medical bills, the total was over $10,000.

23% of Millennials have opted out of emergency care in the past year (since February 2020), more than three times the 7% of Generation X and 4% of Boomer respondents.

Generation Breakdown

Three in 10 Hispanics Uninsured

With a 30% uninsured rate, Hispanics fare substantially worse in Texas than Blacks (22%) or whites (15%). 

Seven in 10 (69%) Hispanics are very or somewhat concerned that a major health situation could lead to bankruptcy or debt.

That compares to only 55% of whites and 54% of Blacks.

45% of Texas Hispanics without health insurance forgoed healthcare because they couldn’t afford it.

Meanwhile, among those with healthcare expenses, 24% of Hispanics rank medical bills their number one healthcare expense.

That compares to just 17% of whites and 9% of Blacks.

Just 36% of Hispanics find it easy to access health insurance in Texas.

Whites and Blacks made out better. Over half of both groups say they find it easy to access health insurance in the Lone Star State.

Race/Ethnicity Breakdown

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