Looking after your health is a lifelong task, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! With games and activities you can find online, it’s easy to learn all about taking care of your health and how your body works. Of course, if you get sick or hurt, your parents’ health insurance should take care of you, but it’s better to prevent needing health care in the first place, and things like washing your hands, eating balanced meals, and getting moving can help do that.

PBS Kids: Super Salad Diner

Help Bert and Ernie make delicious salads in their diner. Make sure to get the orders right or you’ll have angry customers.

Rate Your Plate

Are your dinners nutritious and filling? Take this short quiz to find out what you should aim for on your dinner plate.

My Very Own Pizza

You can learn about the history and nutrition of pizza while making one of your own! Pick your crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings to make the tastiest dish.

Human Body Health and Growth

What does a growing kid need for proper health care? Provide Ben with what he needs to keep his body healthy as he grows in this game.

The Amazing Food Detective

You and the Amazing Food Detective can unravel the mystery of unhealthy habits. This case can only be cracked by you!

Trainer: No One Is Alone on the Road to Health

In this game, you can raise creatures and train with them in the magical land of Fitnessia!

Sortify: Nutrition

Do beef and eggs go together? How about watermelon and cheese? Sort the foods into their proper nutrition buckets and make tasty balanced meals.

The Tomato Zone

You can play fun greenhouse games with Tommy Tomato and Buzz! Learn all about this versatile fruit and its nutrition.

Grocery Store Bingo

If you bring this game to the store with you, you can play healthy plate bingo. Find different foods to get five in a row.

Blast Off!

You’re off to space! Fuel up your spaceship with food and activity to travel to another planet. Your ship needs a balanced meal to blast off.

Food Detectives

Fight off nasty bacteria with the Food Detectives in this fun detective game! Solve the mystery of Good Food Gone Bad.

What’s on Your Plate, Kids?

Boost your Yum-O-Meter in this fun game! Match the tasty foods with their food groups.

Thirstin’s Word Scramble

Unscramble the water sentences in this fun game with Thirstin!

Fitness Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Fitness?

Take this quiz to test your fitness knowledge! Are you an expert?

Express Your Health! Activity Book for Kids

Color the pictures and do the activities in this book to learn all about fitness and health.

Personal Hygiene

Learn about David and his hygiene routine. Then, play fun games to test your hygiene knowledge!

Food Balance

The tightrope walker can’t make it across the wire without balance! Use your knowledge of the food groups to help Basil or Peach make it across the tightrope after a balanced meal.

Brush Those Teeth

Help a monster from Sesame Street brush to win this game.


Build a skeleton and find all of the bones.

Space Crew Strength Training

Even kids can train their bodies for going into space! Learn about how you can make your body stronger just like astronauts do.

Shine Time: Stop That Sugar!

Help the friendly hippo dentist, Dr. Bobby Swirl, keep teeth clean and healthy. You’ll also learn about how to keep your own teeth sparkling fresh!

Interactive Body: Organs

Learn where organs are in your body, and find out more about what they do.

How the Body Works

What do your kidneys do? How about your endocrine glands? Watch these movies to learn a lot about how your body works!

How Strong Are Your Bone Health Habits?

Bones need health care just like the rest of your body does. Are you doing all you can to make sure they’re healthy and strong just like you? Take this quiz to find out.

Tooth Defenders: Snack Swat

In this game, swatting away the gumdrops will save your teeth. This is true in real life, too!

Build an Organ

Starting from the cells up, this game lets you build an organ in your body from scratch. Learn all about what makes up our organs and why.

Disney Sports Quiz

Are you a Princess Anna or more of a Woody? This quiz will find your sports style and which Disney character is most like you.

Cool Food Planet

From Fit Island to Healthy Town, create your character and visit Cool Food Planet. You’ll learn delicious facts while playing games.

Soap and Water Science

This activity with Bridger the water-loving dog shows all of the different things we touch every day. It sure makes you want to wash your hands!

Food Group Frenzy

Catch the food and sort it into the correct groups in this fast-paced game!

Mix Up Match Up

Part of health care is knowing which foods are healthy and which are snacks. In this game, separate the two as they bound around the screen.

Gourmet Burger Builder

In this game, build your own burger, learn about food safety, and get a recipe at the end to make the burger at home.

Pack Your Lunch

The lunch you eat has a huge impact on your energy for things like playing and being active. Make sure you’re packing the right things with this interactive game.

Mission: Nutrition

Explore the kitchen with your mouse friend, learning about all of the foods along the way.