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What Happens If You Go Without Insurance?

What Is Prior Authorization?

Prior authorization is the required approval a physician must receive from an in...

How Long Is the Health Insurance Waiting Period After I Sign Up?

Your health insurance waiting period will often depend on the type of insurance ...

What Is an Embedded Deductible in Health Insurance?

Even if your family's plan has a high deductible, you'll only have to hit your e...

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care: What’s the Difference?

Under the Affordable Care Act, major health insurance companies have to cover bo...

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What Is Coinsurance?

Coinsurance is the percentage of costs of a healthcare service you’re required to pay after you’ve hit the...

What is a Copayment?

When you visit the doctor or a pharmacy, you will pay a copay for each visit or prescription. The amount depen...

What Is a Deductible?

If you have health insurance, your carrier covers your healthcare. But you'll have to pay a deductible first o...

What is a Premium?

Like monthly rent, health insurance premiums are the monthly cost of your coverage. But there are many other h...